Welcome to Ofbam

Here, we are determined to answer ecological questions with precision and depth.

Setting up field plots in Ankasa and Bobiri

At Ofbam, we do it in the field. Our orientation is to carryout ecological studies in tropical forest ecosystems. Our Research Assistant, Kwame, is here lost in the buttress of a giant Dahoma tree.

Travelling: the best part of our work!

Our team travels through cities, towns and villages to get to our field sites. We encounter diverse people, communities and stories. This is also what we see in our plots: individuals, communities and their interactions.

Ecology, in one word is arduous, in another, it is exciting!

There is more we can do together….

A lot more questions lie unanswered in tropical forests. Take up an internship with us or join us for your undergraduate research project.

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Our blog

Setting up Field Plots

One exciting thing about ecology is field work. Often, to get to the field one must travel, may be as close as their backyard and sometimes as far as another country or continent. Our phenology work give us some opportunity to travel in three different directions. First, only an hour to get to Tain IIContinue reading “Setting up Field Plots”

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